Spring 2017   

HACU-0282                                                                                  Franklin Patterson Hall ELH

Professors Jennifer Bajorek and Karen Koehler                               MW 04:00PM 05:20PM


ASSIGNMENT SEQUENCE FOR Niépce (“the first photograph”)


DAY 1 (Wednesday)

Look, look, and look again and look longer

Free-writing in class (this will be collected at the end of class)


Wednesday to Friday

Research questions: What/Who/How/When/Where/Why?

(1) Read primary source

(2) Read required critical article

(3) Add a date connected with this photograph, or some aspect of its historical context, to the timeline


DAY 2 (Monday)

(4) Consult primary or critical readings (recommended), research resources, and additional media

(5) Based on your reading and research, ask a question about the image. Add your question to the image as an annotation by 12 noon on Monday (annotating takes place on the Scalar “Annotating Photography” site – which can be accessed through the main “Reading Photography” site – see “Annotating Photography Instructions” as needed)


Much of our course content will be available on a digital platform called Scalar. In order to access that content, students in this course will have to open a Scalar account. See the course syllabus and/or Moodle site for details. If you have any questions about how to open that account or getting access to the site, please see Alexis Reed, IT Alumni Fellow on the following days/at the following times:

Open hours, Inquiry Center, Airport Lounge:  Mon/Tues 3-7:00

Reading Photography hours*: Thursday 2-4:30 3rd Floor Library, Training Room

            (*Jan. 25, Feb. 3, Feb 9, Feb 23, March 2, April 6 and April 13th)