Italian 103



Italian 103


Spring, 2015






Italian 103 completes the work of Italian 101-102 in a single semester through intensive practice in speaking, reading and writing. Italian 103 is ideal for students who are already familiar with another Romance language. It is a double course; therefore students are expected to work as much as they would for two courses. Two Italian films and web activities are an important part of this class (8 credits). Class activities will include exercises, drills, games, songs, skits, discussions and conversations. We have created tutorials, quizzes, listening comprehensions activities and projects with Moodle that will help you reinforce and review the material that you’re learning. We will address different aspects of Italian culture and you will have the opportunity to speak Italian every
day. Regular conversation sessions with a native Language Assistant and a weekly Italian Table will give you additional opportunities for you to practice speaking. You will be provided with the skills necessary to: understand, speak and write Italian at the advanced beginner level, learn about contemporary Italian society, and develop the competence, interest and enthusiasm for the language that will inspire you to proceed as we hope to more advanced levels.


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