Chinese Character Literacy



Chinese Character Literacy


Fall and Spring, 2015-16







Want to learn Chinese from scratch? Or, have little prior exposure and want an opportunity to solidify your Chinese proficiency? Then, this is the course for you. This course introduces and provides basic and solid foundation for Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, tones, grammar patterns, speaking, listening, reading and writing.
You are expected to preview and review the materials thoroughly before and after each class. It is crucial that you see, hear, speak, write and have hands-on experiences with Chinese language everyday, so in addition to class meeting, you must be willing to spend about 1.5 to 2 hours per day outside of class.
Chinese characters are considered to be the most difficult yet essential and pivotal component of learning Chinese as a foreign language, so in this course, we will also help you acquire Chinese character literacy deeply and meaningfully for your long-term learning goal through character video viewing and making methods.


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Chuan1 Document
Chuang4 Document
Da3 Document
Dan1 Document
De/Dei3 Document
Deng3 Document
Di4 Document
Dong3 Document
Fan4 Document
Fan 4 (Simplified) Document
Fei4 Document
Gei3 Document
Gui4 Document
Gui4 (Simplified) Document
Guo2 Document
Guo3 Document
Hai2 Document
He1 Document
Hua4 Document
Huan1 Document
Huan1 (Traditional) Document
Hui4 Document
Ji2 Document
Ji4 Document
Jia1 Document

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