Modernizing Sculpture from Canova to Duchamp



Modernizing Sculpture from Canova to Duchamp


Fall, 2016


ArtHist 397C



This undergraduate seminar explores the onset of modernity in sculpture from the late 18th- to the early 20th-century in works by Canova, Degas, Rodin, Picasso, Duchamp, and others. From Degas’ Little Dancer Aged Fourteen to Rodin’s Gates of Hell, what sort of specifically modern desires motivated the production of sculpture? What kinds of new experiences did modern sculpture offer? Our overarching theme will be sculptural experimentation with form, color, and material in an effort to destabilize preconceived expectations of viewers. In addition to in-class seminars, we will have research trips to museum collections. The course will culminate in a student-curated online exhibition, for which UMass IT Department has built a website. This digital exhibition will lead to, and become the online catalogue of, a physical exhibition slated to open in Mount Holyoke College Art Museum in Fall 2017.


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