Syllabus for Introduction to Visual Storytelling



Syllabus for Introduction to Visual Storytelling


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As mediums, photography and video never been more popular. Approximately 10 percent of all the photos every taken, according to one source, were taken last year, while about 10 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube in the time it took you to read this sentence. Amidst such change, it’s no surprise that visual journalism has evolved dramatically in the 21st Century. Visual journalists need to be good at takin pictures and video, of course, but they also need to be dogged, creative, ethical and independent multimedia reporters. More than 150 million Americans carry around video cameras because they own smartphones, and what they see and share on social media has profoundly changed how we interpret the visual truth about the world.
The goal of this class is for you to become a better visual storyteller and to understand how images and video work best in the journalistic ecosystem. You will learn how to use still and video cameras manually and the best practices for editing your images and video. In partnership with your classmates, you will develop a visual literacy, answer ethical questions and discuss the importance of visuals in contemporary journalism. You will apply what you learn about these topics to produce empathetic and credible visual journalism in your community. This course will pioneer a new set of blended learning materials sponsored by a grant from the Five Colleges. That means your homework will often be to watch introductory or technical skills videos, and come to class prepared to apply what you’ve learned in the discussion and practice of more advanced and creative topics.
From this moment forward, you should carry your camera everywhere!

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