Syllabus for Fundamentals of Music Theory



Syllabus for Fundamentals of Music Theory


Class Description

This is a course in both thinking about music and thinking in music. In this course, you will learn to think about music, often in ways you never have in the past. In addition, you will learn to think in music the way Western musicians do — learning to read music notation as sound, and to hear music as concepts, ideas, and notation. Along the way, you will learn, develop, and apply mathematical and algorithmic reasoning skills in the pursuit of better understanding Western music theory. We will begin to think critically aboutlarger topics, such as how music communicates emotion, and how this might change between cultures. Your work in class and your homework will involve various kinds of musictheoretical problem solving. Your homework, quizzes, and final exam will assess and evaluate how well you have assimilated these concepts and skills.

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